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Welcome @ Pack Test

Site is now NOT updated...see bellow

Be welcomed at PackTest, your compression comparison site. Here should be tests and short summary about tested programs. Downloads are currently not located on this server, but you will be redirected to authors/producer pages and/or reliable download site. This is caused by many reasons, mostly by limited webhosting space. For each compression program is one page where you can find short characteristic of this program, complete test results and links to web site of this program and download site(s).

NOTE: No shell programs are included in tests, because those programs don't compress, they only make original programs slower because of inteface.

Any suggestions and comments to this site are welcomed at mail: [email protected]. Also authors can contact me in order to include in tests their latest version.

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Short guide

On left side of this page you should see menu, from wich you can select what you want to view. Here is short description of items in this menu:

In information section you'll find any information about tests. Surely there is also written how are the test performed and how are results evaluated.


If you want me to add here some compression program you can mail me to [email protected]. Your message should include:

  • Name of compression program you want to include in tests
  • Internet address to homepage of program or to a download site

Please do NOT send me whole installation program. These files can easy crowd my e-mail box. Thanks.

Next round

Sorry but I decided NOT to make any next round of tests now. I don't have so much time to do this in the way I want and school is still priority for me. Maybe sometimes later I will decide to continue working on this sitem but for now it seems that it won't be modified for months. Once again sorry to all visitors, but I must do this.

Hot news

14.05.2006 - Moved content to separate domain - This doesn't change fact, that there will be no updates.

09.03.2006 - Old child found :-). Moved to my current hosting and removed all ads. Counters do not update anymore.

05.01.2000 - I survived Y2K. For more info about next round see above.

15.12.1999 - Next round of testing will finish probably on 12.1.2000

24.11.1999 - Some small fixes were performed

23.11.1999 - Preparation to next round of testing has already started - you can await much more programs

16.11.1999 - Wow, it really works....I have just started operation of this web site. Sorry if somewhere are some errors, but if you will write me about any problem on this site, I'll try to correct them.

So don't wait and have a look at the tests.

If you don't understand something try to find answer in information.